The physical/occupational therapy profession’s commitment to society is to promote optimal health and function in individuals by pursuing excellence in practice. The department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation attests to this commitment by adopting and promoting the Standards of Practice for Physical/ Occupational Therapy. These Standards are the profession’s statement of conditions and performances that are essential for provision of high quality professional service to society, and provide a foundation for assessment of physical/occupational therapist practice.

• Rehabilitative services shall be a part of overall plan of care for the patient, whenever required. Following rehabilitative services are available in the hospital and would be provided to the patient if required.

 Physiotherapy (All commonly required electrotherapy and exercise therapy equipments)
 Clinical psychology
 Services of Prosthesis and Orthotic
 Occupational Therapy
 Speech Therapy

• In case rehabilitation service required for the patient care is not available within the hospital, patient shall be refer for the same to external institution providing the required services
• Patient referred from various departments of the hospital shall be assessed for physiotherapy. Physiotherapy treatment shall be provided to bed ridden patients who are referred for physiotherapy treatment (appropriate posture, maintaining muscle tone and chest physiotherapy, etc.)
• Physiotherapy exercises shall form part of patient management for Musculoskeletal, Cardio respiratory, General Medical & Surgical condition, Neuro-muscular disorders, orthopaedic patients, Obstetric & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Pain management and similar other situation.
• Patients shall be counsel on topics like proper posture, lifestyle etc as a social programme.
• Psychological counselling and management shall be provided to all patients who are under serious psychological impact. This shall be extended to patient’s family or relatives also. Psychologist shall make appropriate note of the impact of psychological support provided.
• Psychological management shall be considered for patient requiring surgical management, organ donation, Cancer patients, End of life care patients etc.
• Prosthesis and Orthotic shall be arranged for patients undergoing amputation or neurologically impaired limbs or similar other patients


It is to ensure that the organization does the appropriate assessment and management of pain for all patients. A Multidisciplinary approach is followed with thorough evaluation by a team of specialists in a comprehensive manner. These guidelines focus on acute pain management in the preoperative and post operative pain setting for adult (including geriatric) and paediatric patients undergoing either inpatient or outpatient surgery.