India is the most sort after Medical Tourism destination

Cancer Treatment is within your reach!

“India is a trusted destination for treating various types of Cancer because of its high standards of medical care, affordable living, and reasonable medical fees.”

Reasons to choose CIMS, Bhopal
NABH accredited 

Career Institute of Medical Science, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India is a renowned & trusted name for Cancer Care because of its…….

“Patient-Specific Medical Services”


Why choose Career Institute of Medical Science, Bhopal?

  • All types of Cancer is treated
  • Experienced, well-trained, and dedicated oncologist
  • Latest treatments and techniques used
  • Good diagnostic machinery
  • Assistance in planning treatment in Bhopal. Translators available, VISA assistance available, medical insurance
  • All amenities under one roof
  • High standards of medical treatment at affordable rates
  • No hidden cost (Available at a fraction of the cost compared to other countries)

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy is successfully carried out at Career Institute of Medical Science, Bhopal MP India

Why choose Bhopal?

  • Bhopal is known as a “green city” and the “city of lakes”. One of the cleanest cities in India. A non-polluted environment filled with greenery provides the best atmosphere for cancer patients to recuperate. It also has accommodation facilities at all price ranges, and eating out is hygienic and affordable. One can get around the city easily because of the friendly locals. Bhopal has a low crime rate. It is known to be safe and hospitable toward tourists.
  • Railways: - Rani Kamlapati Railway Station is 2.1 km away
  • Road: - Connected to all major highways
  • Air: - Raja Bhoj International Airport, Bhopal is 18.9 km away


While you can choose from numerous types of accommodations around the city, ISBT which is situated 1 km away from the hospital has many hotels and dormitories for you.

Hospital Amenities

  • Clean, hygienic and well laid out hospital.
  • Transport – pick up available from major railway stations, airports, etc.
  • Lounges – Comfortable air-conditioned waiting rooms with basic amenities like rest rooms, cafeteria, prayer section and changing rooms for patients
  • Patient room facilities: - 150+ beds with - Super - deluxe, Deluxe, and Semi-private rooms.
  • Attendants: - Nurses- both Male and Female available
  • Holistic treatment available – Spiritual guidance, psychologist etc
  • Special care for paediatric cases of cancer
  • Karkinos Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, is a technology-led oncology platform. It focuses on designing and delivering cancer care like its digital pathology centers, and research centers that leverage technologies such as genomics, synthetic biology, sensors, and AI to analyze data. The aim is to develop affordable cancer interventions.
  • Tumor Board
  • Career Institute of Medical Sciences has a Tumor Board that consist of eminent highly experienced oncologist, surgeons, and healthcare specialist. Each case that comes to us is discussed collectively and the best course of treatment is drawn out. A varied perspective on each case enables us to provide life-changing treatment to our patients.
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS)- Stereotactic radiosurgery is a specialised form of radiation treatment that delivers high dose of radiation to a small focused area with high precision in a single sitting. It can be used treat some localized form of cancers in the brain and body, and some benign lesions like trigeminal neuralgia, epilepsy etc.
  • Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) –  another form of highly precise radiation treatment that spans over 1-8 sessions and treats slightly larger tumors than SRS. It delivers intense radiation doses to the cancer cells while minimizing damage to the surrounding healthy tissues. It is typically used treat small, early stage lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, or cancers that have spread in small measure to bone, lung, liver or adrenal glands.
  • Bhopal is home to 1 UNESCO and 1 World Heritage sites
  • Sanchi:- The oldest Buddhist monuments monolithic pillars, palaces, temples, and monasteries which date back to the 2nd and 1st centuries B.C. A beautiful historic site to visit.
  • Bhimbetka:- Oldest traces of human life as old as the stone age can be seen at this marvelous archaeological site. Cave paintings are still intact and provide an insight into the story of mankind.
  • Our No Waiting List Policy Results in Stress-Free Medical Care for You

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